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Technology Enhanced Lesson Plan

JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITYDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGYTechnology Enhanced Lesson Plan Name: Tom O’HaraCooperating Teacher and School: Rachael Streitman, Mayfield Middle SchoolDate of lesson submission: 5 May 2020LESSON TITLE & UNIT TITLE:Enhancing Student Communication in Civic EngagementEffective communication in civic settings CONTEXT OF THE CLASSROOM:Suburban middle-school, 8th grade Social Studies.25 students are… Continue reading Technology Enhanced Lesson Plan

Distributed Cognition

Does technology make us smarter is far too broad a statement, within that question we need to define what smarter is and what technology we are using to bring us to some “smarter” place. The idea of a device or technology making us somehow smarter goes against my personal concept of what makes a smarter… Continue reading Distributed Cognition

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